Man Removed From NFL Game Over American-Israeli Flag

Sunday’s NFL game in Philadelphia saw the ejection of a prominent businessman from southern New Jersey for flying an American-Israeli flag from his premium suite.

Now, 67-year-old George Norcross plans on filing a lawsuit against the Philadelphia Eagles, the NFL, and a security firm.

Norcross said yesterday that the non-police security personnel at Lincoln Financial Field and the Eagles/NFL forcibly removed them and abused them. Norcross’ refusal to take down the 3×5 foot American and Israeli flag flying above their box was the precipitating factor.

In a video uploaded on X, Norcross argues with a security guard who tried to take the flag from him. Insurance tycoon and Cooper University Hospital board member Norcross was removed from the stadium for resisting arrest.

A spokeswoman for Philadelphia said that the Eagles tried to talk to the city about the matter behind closed doors before deciding to let Norcross go. Mayor Jim Kenney came from another luxury suite to speak with him about the stadium’s flag policy.

Signs, banners, or other objects that are obscene or indecent, not linked to the event, potentially objectionable to other patrons, capable of blocking the sight of other fans, or otherwise deemed unsafe or unsuitable by the Eagles are not permitted.

Norcross, a self-proclaimed fervent Eagles fan from Camden County, said that he and his friends thought their estimated 3×5 foot flag would make a tremendous impression on spectators at the stadium.

According to Norcross, they have to explain why they handcuffed him and treated him like a criminal when they took him out of the stadium. Considering that the statement was intended to be peaceful, he said this kind of action is highly improper and hurtful to Jewish individuals.

The Philadelphia Eagles have spoken out against Hamas’ attack on Israel on October 7. They issued an official statement on October 9, calling the attacks “abhorrent acts of terrorism.” When requested to take down the flag in accordance with signage regulations, Norcross allegedly became abusive and violent against stadium staff, leading to his ejection, as stated by the team.
Norcross did not specify the basis for his potential lawsuit.

The former Camden County Democratic Party chairman and longtime New Jersey political figure, George Norcross, has been active in politics for over three decades.

Donald Norcross, brother of George Norcross, represents New Jersey’s 1st congressional district in the United States House of Representatives as a Democrat. Just three days after Hamas’s devastating strike on October 7, the legislator traveled to Israel as part of a congressional delegation.