Man Banned From Buc-ee’s For Bringing Service Duck Inside

A guy in Tennessee recently uploaded a video to YouTube claiming a Buc-ee ejected him from the store because he brought his service duck inside.

Wrinkle the Duck, Justin Wood’s service animal accompanied him into the shop.

The duck spent most of her time inside a baby carriage, although she would periodically come out to enthusiastically high-five people (with her beak) staring at her.

Recently, Wood posted the footage on his YouTube channel, “SeDUCKtive,” where he chronicles his travels with Wrinkle in several videos.

By Saturday night, the video had amassed almost 170,000 views, while the channel had an incredible 2.7 million members.

The staff quickly told them that only service dogs were allowed inside the business as soon as they entered.

“She’s just a service duck,” Wood said.

He continued until a different worker told him pets were prohibited in the store.

Again, he said the duck was a service animal and offered to show the store three pieces of identification to prove it.

The store representatives said the animal would require a leash for control if it were a canine.

He asked if putting the duck on a leash would suffice, and the employee said yes.

Wood pretended to tether Wrinkle, and the duck gladly followed him around.

The police showed up and trespassed Wood. The police officer made it plain that this prohibition was in effect at all of Buc-ee’s establishments and threatened charges against him if he was discovered there, regardless of his justifications.

According to the Health Code, having live animals, such as dogs, is forbidden in places where food might be contaminated. However, police dogs and other service animals are exempt from this rule.

Disparaging attitudes toward real service animals are exacerbated when people make up claims that their pet qualifies as one. In addition, the well-being of the service animal and its handler might be jeopardized if an untrained animal is brought into an establishment where one is already present.