Mackenzie Scott Donates Hundreds Of Millions To Charity

A billionaire philanthropist and novelist, MacKenzie Scott, gave $640 million to 361 smaller non-governmental organizations (NGOs) on Tuesday.

Scott made her fortune by having a stake in Amazon and divorcing its founder, Jeff Bezos. She is worth over 36 billion dollars.

Since she started awarding grants in 2019, Scott and her team have been studying and choosing organizations carefully to receive large, unrestricted gifts.

According to Scott’s website, she thanked the evaluators and Lever for Change for helping to create a platform where people may get the tools they need in their communities after the open call.

The number of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) interested in the $1 million prizes was 6,353.

According to an external evaluation panel, the top 279 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) were each given $2 million, while 82 groups were each given $1 million.

The application presented a once-in-a-lifetime chance for Megan Peterson, leader of the Minnesota-based organization Gender Justice, to capture Scott’s interest.

Notable legal triumphs for transgender youth sports rights and emergency contraceptive accessibility have been recently won by her group. They want to open a new location in North Dakota with the money.

Yield Giving affirms on its website that it seeks to magnify the voices of low-income individuals and families while recognizing their circumstances. Their open call is now accepting applications from community-led charities. Only non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with yearly budgets between $1 million and $5 million were eligible to apply.

Award recipients were chosen after a round of applicant evaluations and a review of the top organizations by an unbiased team of specialists.

After her split from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Scott gave away $16.5 billion of her fortune.

Writing about the website, she expressed her gratitude to her staff, fellow donors, and the nonprofits she had given money to.

Even while she explores new avenues, CEP’s Smith Arrillaga stressed the significance of Scott’s unwavering resolve to donate her riches.

Her unwavering dedication to maintaining the integrity of her first pledge is evident.