Lawyers Claim MyPillow CEO Owes Them Millions

The lawyers at Parker Daniels Kibort LLC, who have been representing MyPillow’s CEO, Mike Lindell, in various lawsuits, are trying to cut ties with him because, they say, he owes them millions of dollars.

Smartmatic and Dominion Voting Systems are suing Lindell, and attorneys from PDK want to withdraw from the case. Lindell owes PDK millions of dollars, as evidenced by court filings. According to the papers, the law firm can’t afford to keep representing Lindell.

The court filings state that future fines and expenditures will add millions of dollars. The attorneys believe that PDK’s survival is at stake if the firm is forced to continue supporting the defendants’ defense in this action.

An erstwhile Trump buddy, Lindell, has been dragged into multiple lawsuits. In 2021, Dominion sued Lindell for defamation, demanding $1.35 billion in compensation. In addition, in May of 2022, one of its workers, Eric Coomer, filed a defamation lawsuit against Lindell.

The voting equipment manufacturer Smartmatic filed suit against Lindell last year, alleging that he had falsely asserted Smartmatic’s participation in the upcoming 2020 election. In Lindell’s cases against Dominion and Smartmatic, the attorneys have asked to sever connections with him. They also noted the Coomer case, which seems to have parallels.

In addition, Lindell owes money to the law office of Lewin & Lewin, according to the court document. The company would also like to be dismissed from the proceedings.

Legal counsel for PDK argued that the company would face significant financial hardship if the current Motion were denied. PDK cannot afford to continue funding the Defendants’ case because of the millions of dollars they owe, as was indicated earlier. It would be unfair and wrong to prevent Mr. Lewin from withdrawing at this time, given his participation in this matter.

The attorneys claimed that they had advised Lindell to seek new counsel.