Kamala Harris Can’t Tell What Her Basic Duties Are  

(JustPatriots.com)- Vice President Kamala Harris could not answer “Late Night” host Stephen Colbert’s question about what her duties were in the White House, according to The Daily Wire. The question comes as Harris is reportedly struggling to define her vice presidency.  


Harris took the opportunity to instead praise Joe Biden for being a remarkable leader to work with and under, which caused thunderous applause from the audience. She continued to say that Biden understands the position of a vice president because he had served for two terms under Barack Obama.  

But Colbert pressed her further, saying she still did not say what her role was. Harris brought up her recent trip to Munich, Germany to declare that Russia has committed war crimes. Again, the crowd could be heard saying “yes!” and cheering her on.  

Despite her praise for the partnership Biden and her share, the relationship has appeared strained. Biden reportedly called Harris a “work in progress” in the past and was frustrated with comments made by her husband, First Gentleman Doug Emhoff after it was revealed that he was complaining about his wife’s policy assignments, according to Washington Examiner 

In addition, earlier this year, Harris was assigned to solve the “root crises of immigration,” but refused to visit the border, despite continuous reports of illegal immigration spiraling out of control as CBP encounters surpass two million.  

Since taking her position, Harris has struggled with maintaining rapport with her staff and members of her party. Senator Elizabeth Warren and Harris have been on rocky terms after Warren reportedly casted doubt on her and Biden’s teamwork.  

“I really want to defer to what makes Biden comfortable on his team,” Warren told Boston Public Radio, adding that she worked with Harris for many years. An Aide close to Harris said that the comment was “insulting.”