Iowa Governor Says Trump Sought Her Endorsement

Despite the barrage of public criticism from former President Donald Trump, Governor Kim Reynolds of Iowa has revealed that Trump had sought her endorsement in vain. Disregarding his numerous jibes, Reynolds instead threw her support behind Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, for the Republican presidential primary race.

Reynolds praised DeSantis, describing him as a leader who fearlessly exposes societal degeneration, focuses on the future rather than the past, and, above all, possesses the potential to win. Trump, who did not take the news lightly, vented his frustrations on Truth Social, questioning why anyone would support DeSantis, whom he mockingly referred to as a ‘wounded bird plummeting from the sky’.

Trump further expressed his confusion over Reynolds’ endorsement, referring to her as the ‘Nation’s most unpopular governor.’ He also claimed to be the architect of Reynolds’ political success, alleging that, without his efforts, she would have lost to the Democratic candidate in 2018. Trump also claimed that he never invited Reynolds to his events, indicating his apparent lack of regard for her.

Despite these assertions, Trump sought Reynolds’ endorsement not too long ago. During an interview with NBC’s Dasha Burns, Reynolds hinted at the uncertainty surrounding her relationship with Trump. When asked about her last interaction with Trump, Reynolds recalled it was when he sought her endorsement, which she declined at the time.

In a show of its desperation to link Trump with Reynolds, the Trump campaign had previously distributed flyers featuring the two politicians side by side at a rally in Iowa. Reynolds, who was re-elected in 2022 with a comfortable margin of 18.5 percent, expressed her skepticism about Trump’s ability to secure the presidency even if he earns the Republican nomination.

On a sunny Friday afternoon, DeSantis found himself amidst a group of passionate GOP supporters in Denison, the vibrant epicenter of Crawford County’s Republican stronghold.

This marked his 86th foray into Iowa’s counties, as part of his dedicated endeavor to reach all 99. This visit was particularly significant as it completed his journey through the conservative bastion of western Iowa.

Reynolds has garnered considerable admiration within the party ranks, a result of his decisive actions this year. His popularity soared following his signature on a school choice bill and a stringent prohibition on abortion.