Homeowner Finds Corpse Buried In Backyard

Over the past several weeks, much of the United States experienced a brief warming period in which weather felt unseasonably comfortable. Individuals across the nation certainly tried to live life as normal and take advantage of the weather. Many probably enjoyed the “spring-tease” that was experienced. Outdoor activities are not without their risks, though. In Kings Canyon National Park, a tragic situation occurred after 65 year old Paul Benson went missing on September 13th. Benson had been a part of an 8 person hiking trip that had been planned as several day affair. He was last witnessed wearing a red jacket, a purple fleece, and a military style olive drab headpiece. National Park Officials urge anyone with information to call the park dispatch phone number. The story is a reminder of the risks of hiking.

In Florida, a tragic event unfolded when a man was murdered in cold blood by a neighbor over a property dispute. In the presence of his eight year old son, Brian Ford aged 42 was shot dead by Edward Druzolowski, aged 78. The elderly Druzolowski claims he fired in “self-defense” after the two individuals engaged in a heated dispute over tree trimming across the property line. Ford had cut too far across Druzolowski and his own property’s border. Druzolowski claimed that he was intimidated by Ford since he served jail time, but Ford was unarmed. One can only imagine how traumatic the experience must have been for Ford’s eight year old son.

The world is sickening and continues to grow more bizarre by the day. In a recent development, a homeowner found a dead body buried in their yard. Sabeion Dowell, a twenty three year old from the Jacksonville, Florida region had been missing for three weeks. Jacksonville deputies responded to a call from a homeowner who had discovered toes sticking out of the ground. The family had not heard from their son in days.