Heartbreaking Diagnosis Found Among U.S. Troops  

(JustPatriots.com)- A new study conducted by the Pentagon revealed that there is a high rate of cancer among U.S. military pilots and crewmembers, according to Fox News. The data has reportedly been desired by retired servicemembers who saw others getting sick at higher rates, but they were informed that the servicemembers were not at greater risk than the general population.  

But after a study was conducted over the last year of an estimated 900,000 pilots and crewmembers, working on fueling, maintaining, and launching aircraft between 1992 and 2017, it showed higher rates of melanoma (87%) and thyroid cancer (39%). Both men and women had 16% higher rates of prostate cancer and breast cancer respectively.  

Across all cancers, aircrews had a general 24% higher rate of diagnosis. Among one of the many pilots who were diagnosed and died with cancer, Jim Seaman, who flew a Navy A-6 Intruder, passed at 61 in 2018, leaving behind Betty Seaman. Betty, along with many others, reportedly petitioned the Pentagon and Congress to consider the issue facing servicemembers.  

Now, the Pentagon is saying the recent study, may have neglected to fully count cancer cases, as the military database did not have reliable data until 1990. Now that they see there is a high rate, they are reportedly working to conduct a larger review of the situation.  

The study noted that while rates are high it should not be suggested that military occupations are causing cancer.  

The types of cancers that are not affecting pilots and crewmen are bladder and colon cancers. For prostate cancer, a study from the New England Journal of Medicine reportedly found that men should not rush to get surgery or panic about having cancer because mortality rates in 15 years remain low no matter what approach men take. The study claims that men can monitor the cancer as a form of treatment.