GOP Rep Working On Legislation To Finish Border Wall

According to a report, Republican Texas Representative Troy Nehls plans to propose a House version of Republican Iowa Senator Joni Ernst’s legislation that would allow states to seek whatever needed supplies through the federal government for the purpose of completing the construction of the border wall.

The BUILD IT Act would mandate that, upon request, the federal government provide any material used in the building of the southern border wall to any state for the original purpose for which it was intended. Ernst first submitted the bill to the Senate back in May.

Arizona and Texas, for example, have taken steps to finish the border wall segments that were left open in their jurisdiction.

In January 2021, Biden issued an executive order to cease border wall building.

Ernst told reporters before Nehls submitted the House proposal that President Biden’s porous border had allowed over 8 million illegal aliens and terrorists to enter the nation. Instead of border security, the Biden administration sold barrier materials for fractions of the dollar. This government shows taxpayers that border security isn’t important.

A group of Hamas terrorists breached one of the world’s most protected borders earlier this month, killing and maiming Israeli civilians for as long as 7 hours until the IDF could launch a decent response.

According to a report, the Israeli intelligence service Shin Bet has now accepted blame for failing to provide notice of the Hamas terrorist breach.

During President Trump’s first term, Democrat and Republican legislators repeatedly fought against the construction of a similar wall along the United States’ southern border.

Reports suggest that the Biden administration has left our border open to illegal immigrants from practically every nation, most of whom are released after apprehension while awaiting asylum. To accommodate illegal migrants distributed around the US, major US towns have spent billions in federal funds. It’s an invasion allowed and sponsored by the Biden administration during a global crisis.