Gang’s Prized Gold-Plated Bikes Destroyed By Authorities

The six Harley Davidson motorcycles, owned by an infamous gang, were crushed into scrap metal after they were destroyed.’

Along with the stunning motorcycles—worth £75,000 apiece—police in New Zealand confiscated an astounding £1.3 million in assets.

Additional assets acquired during Operation Nova include designer items and jewelry, a house in Auckland, four Range Rover Sports, one Rolls-Royce Wraith, high-end automobiles manufactured by Mercedes-Benz and Audi, and £208,000 in cash.

They had a legendary past as members of the violent and drug-dealing Comanchero Motorcycle Gang when they were younger. The gang was also involved in drug trafficking and money laundering.

Formerly, the gang leader, Allan Meehan, had shown his internet followers his golden motorcycle.

The machine was displayed in an Instagram photo, showcasing its unique club colors look, with Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow” playing in the backdrop.

Giant, golden handlebars take over the drag racer’s body, transforming it into a traditional chopper. The vehicle also has golden wheels, a belt guard, and an engine casing.

It is not immediately apparent if the parts are golden chrome or gold-plated, but they are all gilded: the kickstand, brakes, clutch, gear lever, and foot pegs.

The ‘Comanchero’ and tattoo-style demonic skulls are embossed on the jet-black tank and seat of the motorcycle, which also features the club insignia. Additionally, the tank features two parallel bands of the club’s distinctive yellow color.

The motorcycles were brought into custody in April 2019, but a court decree only recently granted permission for their destruction.

First News reports that New Zealand’s Commissioner Andrew Coster said this is the country’s first such move.

Earlier this month, a former gang commander was extradited to Australia following his conviction related to the operation.

The operation led to the prosecution of 18 people on crimes of methamphetamine importation, cocaine supply possession, money laundering, and unlawful weapons ownership.