Gal Gadot To Screen Hamas Atrocities In Hollywood

On Wednesday, a screening will take place for invited members of the film business. This film was made to show the world what happened in Israel a month ago.

The terrorist attacks on Oct. 7 by Hamas murdered almost 1,400 individuals, the vast majority of whom were innocent bystanders.

While Israel is working to eradicate Hamas from Gaza, some of Israel’s detractors have claimed that the events of that day are staged as part of a larger propaganda war.
Actress Gal Gadot and her husband, Jaron Varsano, worked with Oscar-winning Israeli-American director Guy Nattiv to produce a documentary that includes a video shot by the Israel Defense Forces on the day of the slaughter.

It has been reported by The Jerusalem Post that 120 actors, directors, and others have been invited to a showing in Los Angeles and another in New York City.

Director Nattiv said he and his Palestinian buddies share a common humanist worldview; however, the awful photographs from October 7 brought back memories of his grandfather’s claims that the world did nothing when Jews were transferred to death chambers during the Holocaust.

As a filmmaker, he vowed that the world would see the events of October 7 so that they would never be forgotten.

Nattiv remarked that it is vital to challenge the assertions made by pro-Hamas accounts on social media that the events of Oct. 7 were not real.

Several Israeli media outlets and lawmakers have viewed the footage.

These films mainly featured recordings from the body cameras worn by Hamas terrorists, but they also included recordings from home security cameras, car dash cams, and social media posts made by victims at the music festival.

As a mark of respect for the victims and their families, the IDF did not intend to release the tape to the public. However, there was propaganda and false material that attempted to discredit IDF accounts of Hamas terrorist violence on October 7. After this, Israeli officials decided to make the tape public.

Teenagers and children were being burned alive, and one Israeli girl was carried by her hair while screaming and then thrown into the back of a Jeep where her captors were waiting.

The Wonder Woman star, Gadot, remarked in a social media post that day, “I stand with Israel, and you should too.” The international community must take a stand against these terrorist attacks.