Firefighters Respond To Incredible Halloween Display

For a Halloween decoration designer, there could be no higher praise than to fool the authorities into thinking your “fake thing” is a “real thing.”

On Saturday, a “confirmed structure fire” prompted the dispatch of firefighters to a home in the upstate New York city of Glens Falls. They were shocked when they arrived at the site to see an early and impressive Halloween display instead of a fire.

The homeowner provided the fire department with camera footage of the intricate light show. The home seemed like the scene of an arson from the looks of the footage. The interior of the house appears to be in flames because of the way the lights light up the room and spread outward through the windows.

The elaborate Halloween decorations blew away the firefighters.

The public is invited to attend free of charge on Friday and Saturday evenings in October to observe this show.

They explained that a fog machine, a box fan, two LED lights, and a silver sheet made the effect look like an authentic fire.

Most commenters on the homeowners’ Facebook post, including the local fire department, commended them on their creativity.

The people who live next door to the house are happy with it. The neighbors complimented John and Matt, saying, “Way to go, it’s incredibly realistic.”

The official Fire Department Facebook page responded, saying the fake fire and its creators were “both fantastic!” The department predicted that many calls would be coming in over the illusion.

One counterargument stated, “It would be wise to notify the fire department that you are doing this so that they know if they get a call for it.”

Holiday decorating enthusiasts have become increasingly creative and skilled in recent years. Not every municipality, however, is pleased with the garish public displays. Lawsuits happen.