FBI Director Leads Diversity Training With Infamous Tattoo Person

The FBI has been criticized in recent years for increasing politicization, including partisan prosecution of the former president and pushing Democratic sensibilities. After the agency did a 180 on its mandatory gender identity training course amid backlash, they are now incentivizing employees to attend their Pride Month event, according to Just the News. The event reportedly featured a White House official with a pentagram tattoo.  

The event was sponsored by the FBI’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion and the White House confirmed that Demetre Daskalakis, the response coordinator for the monkeypox, was going to be the speaker. Daskalakis can be seen flaunting a leather harness while being accompanied on stage by two half-naked men at the April 2023 Biomedical HIV Prevention Summit to inform members of the LGBTQ+ community that monkeypox and HIV are a threat. But monkeypox has been renamed to “mpox” after the official considered the term to be racist. 

He was awarded for his efforts in public health with a certificate of achievement by FBI Director Christopher Wray. 


This style is not uncommon for the White House official. He was reportedly wearing the same outfit for the 2021 pride parade in New York City and for the cover of HIV Plus Magazine’s February 2021 issue. Conservatives have also pointed out the satanic symbols he associates himself with, where the leather harness features a pentagram in the middle of it. 


Daskalakis has denied being a Satanist and said that his half-naked “thirst trap” photos are intended to showcase his tattoos and work. He has a Jesus tattoo on his stomach. But the overt satanic imagery is indicative of a growing trend in the U.S. as conservatives begin to fight inappropriate and explicit LGBTQ+ books and events targeting children.