Famous Actor Flees California For Better Life

Superman star Dean Cain said he’s getting out of California to seek a better quality of life. In an interview with Fox, the actor said he’s leaving the Golden State because of its growing poverty, crime levels, homelessness, and high taxes. He is one of an increasing number to abandon the state and cite political leadership as the reason.

“I love California. It’s the most beautiful state. Everything’s wonderful about it except for the policies. The policies are just terrible. The fiscal policies, the soft-on-crime policies, the homelessness policies,” Cain said. He added that people are departing in “droves,” and statistics show that he may be correct.

The population of California has declined so dramatically that it lost a Congressional seat. The 2021 census of the Golden State’s population showed a stark decline, and numbers leaving were higher than those arriving for the first time since the state was founded in 1850. The number of Representatives in the House in Washington, DC, depends on the state population, and 2021 was the first time the number of California Reps. dropped.

Stars have been fleeing the state for some years, but the trend appears to have ticked upward since 2020. Hollywood A-listers such as Sandra Bullock and Tom Hanks left Los Angeles before that time, but since 2020, some stars have gone public with the reason for their departure. Mark Wahlberg quit California in 2022 saying he wanted a better life for his family. He has settled in Nevada.

In May, the star of the 1980s comedy hit Happy Days Scott Baio declared that he was getting out of the Golden State because of high crime and homelessness levels. When making the announcement on his Twitter account, Baio quoted the results of a study revealing that 69,000 people were living rough on the streets of LA County.

Crime continues to rise across the state. The Public Policy Institute of California noted a 6% increase in violent crime between 2020 and 2021.