Donations Pour In For Trump GoFundMe

Launched on February 16th, a GoFundMe effort had already generated over $200,000 to assist with the legal bills of former President Donald Trump.

As of February 22nd, the fundraising effort has raised more than $1,057,000.

Last week, Trump was fined $355 million in a civil fraud action in New York.

As New York Attorney General Letitia James threatened to confiscate Trump’s buildings, Judge Engoron dismissed Trump’s motion to suspend the execution of the $355 million in fines.

Engoron disqualified Trump from holding the positions of officer or director in any New York company or other legal organization for three years and fined him over $355 million.

On February 21st, Trump’s attorney, Robert Clifford, argued before the Court that doing away with the Defendants’ chance to file their proposed counter-judgment violates basic principles of justice and due process.

Elena Cardone, a woman from Florida and the wife of Grant Cardone, an entrepreneur and investor, started the GoFundMe page.

In her account, she detailed how, as a mother, a staunch defender of American ideals, and a champion for fairness, she has stood steadfastly by President Trump’s side in the confrontation with what she perceives as extraordinary and unjust treatment by certain members of the New York judiciary.

She explained that Trump’s current legal struggles represent an assault on all Americans’ right to due process and fair treatment, not only on him.

It’s a time that raises questions about the fairness of justice and the law’s application, all in an effort to silence someone who has been a leading voice in promoting the prosperity and security of the United States.

All entrepreneurs and company owners should be terrified by the fact that the government overstepped its bounds and slapped someone with a $355 million judgment, even though he had done no financial harm to anyone, never defaulted on a loan, paid back the loan (with interest) and never missed a payment.

According to Cardona, it was a call to action for all entrepreneurs and company owners to support the former President, who has always been there to defend Americans. The penalty amount isn’t the only reason for this funding.  Taking a stand is critical.