Donald Trump Endorses Republican Who Donated to Letitia James

In recent events, former President Donald Trump has officially endorsed Mike Sapraicone, a Republican Senate hopeful from New York. This announcement was amidst controversy surrounding Sapraicone’s previous donation to New York Attorney General Letitia James, who was actively investigating Trump then.

According to a report by The New York Post, Squad Security, a private security company owned by Sapraicone, contributed $1,000 to James’ campaign for re-election on March 8, 2022. This contribution sparked controversy among political circles, particularly with Peter King, a former Representative from Long Island who is also competing for a Senate seat in the New York Republican primary.

King criticized Sapraicone’s donation to James as unjustifiable and recommended that Sapraicone should exit the race to prevent negatively impacting the re-election efforts of other Republican House members in the upcoming November elections.

Despite the controversy, Trump firmly threw his support behind Sapraicone, who is challenging sitting Democratic New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, a seat she has held since 2009. Trump highlighted Gillibrand’s failed presidential run, which he considered an embarrassment to all New Yorkers. He expressed his confidence in Sapraicone, describing him as strong and successful. Trump expressed his eagerness to work with him to address pressing issues such as the influx of migrants, the deteriorating state of schools and hospitals, the decline in park conditions, and the surge in crime rates.

It’s worth noting that Trump’s endorsement of Sapraicone comes after he was ordered to pay the State of New York a substantial sum of money. Initially, the amount was set at approximately $355 million but was later revised to $454 million. This judgment resulted from Trump losing a civil fraud case from Letitia James’s office. Trump has since appealed the verdict, challenging the allegations of inflating property values while building his business in the state.

As the New York Senate seat race intensifies, Sapraicone will undoubtedly face scrutiny regarding his donation to James. However, with the support of former President Donald Trump, he aims to overcome these challenges and secure a victory against Kirsten Gillibrand. Only time will tell how this endorsement and the ongoing legal battle will affect the outcome of the election and the political landscape in New York State.