Disgraced Biden Nominee Has License Revoked

In a lengthy investigation by the Department of Justice, Rachael Rollins, a former Massachusetts U.S. Attorney nominated by President Biden, she had her license to practice law revoked for failure to pay registration fees less than one year after resigning from her position.

Former Suffolk County district attorney Rachel Rollins was lauded by leftist media outlets and Congressional Democrats for her handling of crime in the Boston region before the DOJ probe into her alleged unethical behavior.

Rollins was nominated to the Biden administration by Massachusetts Democrat Senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey. But it turned out that Rollins had unethically attended a Biden-hosted political event last summer and had lied under oath about how he had leaked confidential DOJ documents to the press to help a fellow Democrat get elected.

Rollins allegedly provided detrimental material about opponent Kevin Hayden to media outlets to influence the outcome of the Suffolk District Attorney race. She advised Ricardo Arroyo on how to handle sexual assault accusations and helped him with his primary campaign, according to the Department of Justice’s investigation.

In her OIG interview, Rollins denied giving a reporter confidential DOJ information on a potential criminal investigation against Hayden, which the DOJ later determined was a false testimony given under oath. Rollins confessed that she was the source after she provided pertinent text conversations that proved she had been a source and shared the internal DOJ recusal document used in the story.

Rollins said in 2019 that criminal charges such as stealing, breaking and entering, vandalism, disturbing the peace, resisting arrest,  and drug crimes would no longer be prosecuted by law enforcement.  Also, Rollins gave the order for police not to let ICE agents inside courthouses to arrest illegal immigrants, regardless of the severity of their crimes.

A formal declaration by Rollins in 2022 threatened residents who opposed the practice of child genital mutilation. Rollins referred to criticism of Boston Children’s Hospital’s methods with child transitions as a hate crime.