DeSantis Pledges $1M For Lawsuit After FL Football Team Is Snubbed

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is again making headlines, this time for his plan to sue the College Football Playoff committee. The reason? The committee’s decision not to include the undefeated Florida State University from the national football playoffs.

Despite finishing the season with a perfect 13-0 record, Florida State was shockingly left out of the playoff picture. The committee instead selected Michigan, Texas, Washington, and Alabama to compete for the national championship.

Governor DeSantis, a prospective Republican candidate for the 2024 presidential election, is approaching this decision with considerable gravity. He conveyed his dismay and frustration with the committee’s decision in a fervent statement, declaring, “We’re earmarking one million dollars for potential litigation expenses arising from the regrettable choice by the College Football Playoff to exclude an undefeated team that clinched a significant Power Five conference championship.” This announcement was made on Tuesday.

DeSantis’s dedication to advocating for Florida State’s inclusion in the playoff underscores his connection to the university. He expressed his commitment to the Associated Press, “My preschooler, my first grader, my fifth grader are unhappy. We will allocate $1 million and see how things unfold.”

It’s important to note that DeSantis’s proposal is just a suggestion to the Florida Legislature, which will convene next month for its annual session. The governor can veto individual items in the spending plan once the Legislature approves it.

This bold move by Governor DeSantis has sparked a heated debate among football fans and legal experts alike. While some argue that the committee’s decision should be final and not subject to legal challenges, others believe an undefeated team like Florida State deserves a chance to compete for the championship.

Regardless of the outcome, DeSantis’s willingness to fight for what he believes is right has undoubtedly captured the nation’s attention. Only time will tell if his efforts will lead to any changes in the College Football Playoff system or if Florida State will have a shot at redemption.