DeSantis Drops In Polls As Trump Takes Leap 

In the Republican primary, former President Donald Trump retains overwhelming leads in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina polls. On the other hand, polls from South Carolina suggest that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has fallen to third place there. 

This is the first poll of the year, whether national or state-level, in which DeSantis is not ranked as the candidate with the second-best overall performance. Nikki Haley, a former governor of South Carolina and the current United States ambassador to the United Nations under the administration of Donald Trump, has overtaken Ron DeSantis and taken over second position in the polls. 

Surveys conducted in Iowa and New Hampshire reveal that other contenders are drawing ever closer to him in second place, suggesting they are on the verge of passing him there.

According to a study conducted in South Carolina, Trump received 48% of the vote, which is 34 points more than Haley’s 14%. DeSantis is in third position with 13% of the vote, and Senator Tim Scott is just behind him with 10%. 

The poll conducted in South Carolina questioned 808 people who are likely to vote in the Republican primary. It has an error margin of 3.5 percent. The Fox Business survey, which was done by GOP pollster Daron Shaw and Democrat pollster Chris Anderson, found that Trump is the dominant force in the race and that the three other candidates are scrambling to see who might break out against him. The poll also found that Clinton is most likely to win the presidency.

Trump is ahead of DeSantis in the Hawkeye State by a margin of 30%, with 46% of the vote. While DeSantis is stuck at barely 16% of the vote in Iowa, Scott is rapidly gaining ground behind him and is already at 11%. The businessman Vivek Ramaswamy, the former Governor Mike Pence, the current Governor of North Dakota, Doug Burgum, and the former Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, are some of the other contenders with double-digit support.

While Trump’s support in New Hampshire has decreased since the last poll was taken, it still puts him in the lead by about 30 percent. In a survey conducted by the Daily Mail, Trump received 42% of the vote, 27 points more than DeSantis’s 15% in the state that holds the first primary in the nation. DeSantis’s prospects of striking a contrast directly with Trump are being hurt because other candidates, like Scott and Christie, are making significant headway in New Hampshire.