Deep State Knew Of Pipeline Issue Months In Advance

According to a media outlet, the CIA and the rest of the Deep State knew about Ukraine’s preparations to destroy the Nord Stream pipelines for months. 

This was discovered when top-secret papers revealed by a document post on Discord matched the official German probe of the Nord Stream disaster. After the sabotage, Joe Biden pointed the finger at Russia, but Trump explained to Tucker Carlson that it wasn’t Russia’s doing.

According to the report, the confidential files they obtained from Jack Teixeira’s Discord server corroborate the findings of the German police probe into the bombing of the Nord Stream Pipeline. The outlet said that U.S. intelligence agencies have known about the coordinated attack plan for months.

Although many are skeptical and have suggested U.S. involvement, German officials maintain that six trained military divers from Ukraine hired a boat under false identities, utilized the boat to get to the pipeline, and blew it up.

President Joe Biden stated last year that Nord Stream 2 would no longer exist if Russia invaded. The statement implied that Ukraine and potentially the United States were ready to take action to stop it.

Biden and his cabinet accused Russia of being responsible for the Nord Stream detonation and dismissed anyone who disagreed as spreading “Russian Disinformation,” even though they knew it was untrue. Following the explosion, Biden informed reporters that it was an intentional sabotage and the Russians were spreading disinformation. Biden said he would collaborate with partners to investigate the situation and determine the truth. Biden said he did not believe Putin because he was a liar.

According to a trusted European source, the Biden administration learned in June 2022 that Gen. Valery Zaluzhny, the highest-ranking military commander in Ukraine, had ordered special forces operators to damage the pipelines.

Jack Teixeira, a member of the Air National Guard, is charged with the leaking of documents, including one revealing U.S. intelligence operations.