Cops Bust Man For Sudden Attack In Movie Theater

In July, a 27-year-old Florida man was arrested for severely beating a 63-year-old moviegoer. The victim had a bloody shirt and a fractured nose.

Broward County Sheriff’s Office claimed that after a protracted investigation into the attack, Jesse Montez Thorton was arrested after an anonymous tip was received after the horrific assault received widespread publicity by going viral.

Thorton was arrested on September 28 in Fort Lauderdale for aggravated violence causing severe bodily injury.

Marc Cohen claimed that he and his wife had VIP seats to see “Insidious: The Red Door” on July 10 but that Thorton and his girlfriend were sitting in them.

Cohen gave up the seats and opted to sit elsewhere because the seat hijacker gave him an angry look.

As the victim left, the suspect reportedly yelled, “Go run to your wife, little boy,” according to reports.

Cohen turned around and remarked, “You know, I’m not the one who’s being a little boy.” He felt he was the bigger man because he had his seats taken without the perp apologizing.

The moron Thorton got up to confront Klein and started pounding the victim as the shocked audience gazed on.

According to the police release, witnesses saw Thorton standing over Cohen and continuously striking him in the face until they intervened and dragged Thorton off of Cohen.

Cohen claimed he was helpless while his attacker punched him.

I slipped on the steps, and like a boxer against the ropes, this guy went to town on me, he told the media shortly after the attack.

Cohen’s severe cuts and fractured nose required a hospital visit, where he was given stitches—photos of the aftermath show Cohen’s shirt covered in blood.

According to the police report, Thorton and his female companion left the theater immediately following the assault. The footage captured by surveillance cameras aided the investigation.