Ben Carson Claims Biden Can’t Pass Cognitive Test

Dr. Ben Carson, an accomplished neurologist who served as leader of the Department of Housing and Urban Development under President Trump, said he could “pretty much guarantee” that President Biden would not pass simple cognitive tests.

The Yale graduate stated that it is “pretty obvious” that the President’s mental acuity has significantly deteriorated since entering the Oval Office. He noted that the way Biden spoke just five years ago is very different from how he speaks today. The doctor added that, in his opinion, there is more wrong with the President than just the normal aging process. “There is something else going on with him,” he said.

Recent polls suggest that American voters agree with Dr. Carson and high percentages say they are concerned about Biden’s mental abilities.

For example, a mid-March Deseret News/HarrisX poll found that 63% of voters do not believe President Biden is capable of successfully completing a second White House term. Just 8% of Republicans and 30% of Independents think he is up to the job, compared with 69% of Democrats.

The poll also showed, however, that many voters are just as concerned about Donald Trump. Overall, 51% say Trump is not mentally fit enough to see out another term. The percentages vary wildly between parties, as just 22% of Democrats think Trump is up to the job, compared to 79% of Republicans.

The figures were even more stark a month earlier, in February. A national NBC survey revealed that a staggering 89% have at least some concern about Biden’s mental and physical health, while 65% said the same about former President Trump.

Polling finds that many Americans do not want Trump or Biden back in the White House. ABC News used the phrase “double haters” in March, and several people told its reporters that they are tempted not to vote at all or are considering a third party.

Robert F. Kennedy polled highest among independent or third-party candidates, hovering around 10%.