Americans Are Finally Going Conservative, Report Says

According to a recent Gallup survey, the proportion of Americans who see themselves as conservative has increased significantly.

The study found that 38% of Americans identify as social conservatives, the highest percentage since 2012. Additionally, 44% of the population became more conservative economically.

In contrast, the number of people who consider themselves liberal concerning social problems has decreased, from 34% in the recent past to 29% now.

Why? Because the problems that have been widely covered in the media and online would fit the bill. Topics include criminal activity, abortion, substance abuse, gender nonconformity, and censorship. And they remain a staple of the news cycle, providing us with fresh fodder for ongoing arguments.

Shifts in the political system are responsible for some of this. Former President Trump and others have become targets of President Joe Biden and his administration. That alone is sufficient cause for some to realign themselves politically. 

A report explains that political censorship against the right in politics is nothing new. Many on the right have experienced institutional and even corporate attacks over their opinions, ranging from social media account suspensions to flimsy criminal investigations of alleged hate speech. 

The American people are sick and tired of having opinions forced upon them and are increasingly adopting positions that they feel are more suited to them and their families. It’s indicative of how unbalanced justice has become.  Biden and his party see those who will not bend as a danger.

A report shows Jefferson and Washington waged a battle for the doctrine of independence, which is the moral freedom of a human being to live his or her own life according to whatever standards the person deems appropriate.

The Declaration of Independence declared independence as the right to life and liberty and to pursue their own happiness. The concept of having a right to one’s own life and the idea that one’s own existence does not belong to other people for them to exploit whatever they see appropriate are both integral components of the right to life.