70-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth To Twins

After being one of the oldest new moms in the world when she gave birth to a boy and a girl at 70, a lady from Uganda returned home six weeks later and introduced the world to her “miracle” kids.

Safina Namukwaya, who had been undergoing in vitro fertilization therapy at the Women’s Hospital International and Fertility Center in Kampala, Uganda, gave birth to the twins by cesarean section on November 29.

The hospital posted photos of the happy mother and her newborn children online, which dubbed the event a “miracle at 70” and allowed her to take them home on Saturday.

While her husband, Walusimbi Badru, will be known as Salongo—”the dad of twins”—in their tribe, the doctor revealed that she would be known as Nalongo—”mom of twins”—in her community.

Namukwaya recounted how her villagers had branded her a “cursed lady” for her infertility until she became a mother three years ago.

When asked about Namukwaya’s activity on the day she gave birth to the twins, Tamale-Sali joked about it during a press conference outside the hospital on Saturday, saying she was “nearly playing football.”

He exclaimed, “The entire of Africa is cheering for her.” The lady in question is fit, her blood pressure is normal, and she does not have diabetes. The statistics show that mothers who are 50 and older are more likely to have hypertension, gestational diabetes, and premature delivery.

Their doctor, Dr. Gloria Lunyolo, called the twins “wonder infants” and said they are alternately taking breast milk and formula.

Namukwaya used donor eggs and her husband’s sperm because of her advanced age.

The twins were put in incubators after being delivered prematurely at 31 weeks of gestation.

Embryo transfer is “discouraged in women over age 55,” according to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

This is not the first instance of a lady becoming a mother after the normal reproductive years have passed.