Voters Double Down On Border As Top Issue

According to a recent Fox News Poll, most people hold Congress and the Biden administration responsible for the continuing crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border and consider it a big concern, if not an emergency. Eight out of ten respondents believe the border situation to be an emergency (41%), a big problem (37%), or a minor issue (2%). While this is a 78% drop from 85% in October 2023, it is a 10% increase from 63% in February 2019—five years earlier. Most voters (70 percent) feel the president has “mostly failed” to strengthen border security.

According to the poll, eight out of ten Americans hold Congress responsible for inaction, while seven out of ten hold the Biden administration responsible for lax border enforcement. Most voters (71%) believe that Biden has failed to significantly enhance border security as he begins his fourth year in office. He has also failed, according to the majority opinion, in the following areas: bringing the nation together (69%), safeguarding the country (63%), managing economics (61%), boosting America’s standing in the world(61%), assisting the middle class (58%), helping African Americans (51%), and tackling climate change (51%).

Out of all of Biden’s policies, his stance on immigration has the lowest approval rating (31% vs. 66%). The Israel-Hamas conflict (31-65%), inflation (34-65%), China (35-61%), and the economy (37-62%), nevertheless, he still does not do very well overall. The overall approval rating for Biden’s performance is 42%, with 58% disapproving. This is similar to December’s numbers but significantly lower than the approval rating at the beginning of his term (54% disapprove, 43% approve in April 2021).

Nearly 40% of voters say the economy is critical when choosing a president. For Democrats, abortion, immigration, and firearms are at the top of the list, while for Republicans, the economy and independents are at the top of the list.

According to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, a majority of Latinos regard the surge in migrants attempting to cross the U.S.-Mexico border as a severe issue or catastrophe. An overwhelming majority of Latinos (66%) believe that adding more judges and personnel to expedite asylum judgments would help alleviate the situation, while nearly 60% think that expanding legal migration options would be an effective solution.