U.S. Military Drops Key Values From Mission Statement

The slogan “Duty, Honor, Country” has been removed from the United States Military Academy mission statement at West Point.

Reports show that while this is West Point’s eleventh mission statement since 1925, officials have been clear that the phrase would continue to serve as the academy’s slogan. The mission statement did not include “Duty, Honor, and Country” until 1998.

Superintendent Lt. Gen. Steve Gilland informed students and constituents via letter that the term would be substituted in the mission statement by the phrase “Army Values.”

Founded in 1802, West Point is the oldest United States Military Academy. Originally established as a school for the United States Corps of Engineers, it has since transformed into a facility that trains commissioned officers for the US Army. 

General George Washington established his headquarters at West Point in 1779 due to the strategic significance of the fort amid the American Revolutionary War. The institution was formally founded on March 16th, 1802, and opened to students on July 4.

The new mission statement, according to Gilland, ties West Point to the Army. He clarified that the school’s slogan will always be “Duty, Honor, Country.”

Gilland said that the modification had the approval of Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth and Army Chief of Staff Randy George.

Gilland said that the Army’s cadets and soldiers demonstrate duty, honor, and country in their actions, including loyalty, which entails believing in and being loyal to the United States Constitution, the Army, the unit, and fellow soldiers, even if the phrase was removed from the mission statement. Our absolute focus remains unchanged on creating Army leaders with integrity and ready to take charge on deadly battlefields.

Gilland signed off the letter by writing, “Go Army!” and “Duty Honor Country!”

A report shows that numerous graduates have made significant contributions in various professions, ensuring that West Point’s legacy goes well beyond military leadership. Jim Kimsey, co-founder of AOL, astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Al Worden, and basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski are among the alumni.