U.S. Agency May Be Compromised After They Forgot To Collect Employee’s Security Cards

(JustPatriots.com)- The Department of Homeland Security neglected to terminate the security credentials for thousands of its ex-employees while experimenting with disinformation offices and censorship initiatives, according to a damning report released by its internal watchdog.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which is responsible for defending the country against cyber and terrorist attacks, failed to revoke security clearances or terminate personal identity verification (PIV) cards, according to the DHS Inspector General’s report.

According to a report, the watchdog said there was a chance that people who no longer need access to systems and facilities could get around security measures and enter DHS buildings and controlled areas.

According to the Inspector General’s report, even after the agency was warned about the issues in 2018, the glaring failures continued to violate department policies and federal regulations.

According to the report, DHS has not prioritized ensuring that PIV cards are terminated when individuals no longer require access. In tens of thousands of instances, DHS failed to immediately revoke PIV card access privileges or delete the PIV cards of people who left the Department.

In addition, DHS did not always immediately revoke security clearances for people who left the agency. Unfortunately, due to incomplete records in DHS’ information systems, they cannot estimate the exact scope of the issue. The watchdog found that the department cannot ensure that only authorized employees and contractors have access to its controlled systems and facilities due to following procedures incorrectly.

Between 22,878 and 36,774 PIVs were left unterminated.

Media reports show DHS publicly declared that it was working to put all of the inspector general’s recommendations into practice. But the watchdog expressed concerns that the agency disregarded warnings about this issue four years prior.

The report states that in 2018, the DHS Office of Inspector General identified weaknesses in DHS’ controls over PIV card collection, revocation, destruction, and management oversight. That audit found DHS failed to promptly collect and revoke separated individuals’ PIV cards, allowing unauthorized individuals to enter Department facilities.

Incompetence or purposeful?