Trump Vows To Stop Mutilation Of America’s Youth

( Last week, former President Donald Trump drafted off of Republican-led states like Florida by promising to end chemical and surgical mutilation of minors “on day one” if he is elected president again.

In his campaign video, Trump offered a plan to push back against the “gender insanity” imposed on the country’s children, which he described as an “act of child abuse.”

He vowed to end the Biden administration’s advocacy for “gender-affirming care” by promising to sign an executive order “instructing every federal agency to cease all programs” promoting gender transition “at any age.” He said he would also call on Congress to stop funding such procedures.

Trump said any hospital or medical provider participating in the surgical or chemical mutilation of minors would have their Medicaid and Medicare funding terminated. He also said he would “support the creation of a private right of action” for victims to sue doctors who performed transitions on minors.

He suggested that the Justice Department should investigate whether pharmaceutical companies and hospitals are covering up the side effects associated with gender reassignment procedures.

Trump also promised to instruct the Department of Education to notify “states and school districts” of “severe consequences,” including the loss of federal funding and possible civil rights action, if teachers or staff encourage a child to question his or her gender.

Trump promised to make promoting the traditional family a key part of his agenda and said he would call on Congress to pass legislation declaring male and female the only genders recognized in the United States.

He said this legislation would also clarify that Title IX “prohibits men from participating in women’s sports.”

Trump said a serious country would not tell its children they are born “with the wrong gender” and vowed that under another Trump presidency, “this madness will end.”