Trump Makes Big Promise To “Globalists” 

( Last week, the Trump campaign released another campaign video, this time, with the former president boasting that, with him as president, the war in Ukraine could end in 24 hours. 

In the video, Trump vowed that by the time his second term in the White House ends, every so-called warmonger and fraud in the “senior ranks” of government will be gone. 

Trump claimed that he would rid the government of the “corrupt globalist establishment” which he blamed for every “botched” foreign policy decision over the previous decades. 

He promised to bring in a new national security team full of “competent” people who will put US interests “above all else.” 

He accused his opponents of being “candidates of war” who are backed by “globalist warmonger donors.” Vowing to be a “peace” president who will rid the government of “America Last” warmongers and globalists in the Deep State, Trump claimed that his was the only presidency “in generations” that did not start a war. 

Trump also promised to stop the revolving door between the Pentagon and defense contractors, arguing that defense contractors entice military officials into war with offers of “lucrative jobs” after they retire. 

Trump’s promise to rid the government of warmongers comes just days after Senator Lindsey Graham, one of Trump’s campaign coordinators in South Carolina, called on the Biden administration to send F-16 fighter jets and long-range missiles to Ukraine. 

During an exclusive interview with ABC News’s Martha Raddatz last Sunday, Senator Graham argued that if the Biden administration believes the war in Ukraine is a “crime against humanity,” it should provide the defensive weapons needed to “stop the crime.” 

When asked if Russian President Vladimir Putin would see it as a provocation for the US to supply F-16s and long-range missiles to Ukraine, Graham said wasn’t worried about “provoking Putin” but defeating Putin, adding that the way to defeat him is to provide Ukraine with the weapons needed to “drive” Russian forces out of Ukraine, including Crimea.