Trans Activist Arrested For Plotting Mass Shooting

Jason Lee Willie, a transgender woman, is facing charges of rape in public restrooms and school shooting threats.

Based on the threats made by Audrey ‘Aiden’ Hale, the shooter at Nashville Christian Covenant School, Willie, who goes by the name “Alexia” Willie, reportedly took inspiration from Hale. Willie, 47, of Nashville, Illinois, was indicted on fourteen felony charges of interstate communication of a threat to harm in the US District Court for the Southern District of Illinois.

According to the Violence Project (TVP), over 97% of all public mass shootings in the United States are carried out by men. This “pandemic” is mainly fueled by “cis males.”

There have been 185 mass shootings in the United States that included shooters designated as male at birth, according to the Violence Project’s tracking of such incidents that began in 1966. At birth, just five—including Hale—were designated as female. Two of them went on murdering sprees with their male companions.

Following several releases on zero bail following Illinois’ SAFE-T Act, Willie will stand trial on January 16, 2024. Federal prosecutors brought attention to Willie’s release after his previous detention for “mocking police,” highlighting the importance of safety issues and the leniency of punishments. On August 24, almost eight months after the assault on The Covenant School, Willie’s roommate voiced concerns over handgun training.

Hale’s chosen name, Aiden, was etched on the knife, and the number 508407 was found on her anklet, according to a report that was issued four months after the incident. Hale also had some strange scribbled messages on her garments. An examination of Hale’s body found that she had her body covered in “handwritten phrases, doodles, and numbers” and that she had been wearing an orange plastic anklet with the inexplicable message “508407.”

The decision to publicize Hale’s manifesto and other writings, which were found at the murder site and her parents’ house, sparked heated controversy, which led to the publication of the autopsy.

Three ninth graders were among the six victims when Hale opened fire on a Christian primary school in Tennessee on March 27. The shooting was carried out by her using three of seven lawfully obtained weapons.

The transgender artist who had previously visited The Covenant School had a thorough map of the structure and had spied on the area around the school before the horrific tragedy.