Top Democrat’s Physical Abuse Revealed In New Book

California Rep. Katie Porter wants to run for higher office.

The flavor of the month California Democrat has emerged on the cultural/political scene, but not all of the hype is positive.

As she runs for Dianne Feinstein’s coveted seat, the fiery progressive champion must curtail the ill-tempered politician she is, according to former staffers and her ex-husband, to have broader appeal.

Since taking office, Porter has been more well-known thanks to her aggressive line of questioning of Trump administration officials during committee hearings and her feud with Irvine Mayor Farrah Khan, during which she called Khan’s police force a “disgrace.” Porter was quite critical of the police for detaining her boyfriend in July 2021 after he bloodied the nose of a pro-Trump protester.

It appears that they are a match made in hell.

In 2019 Porter made waves by wearing a ‘Batgirl’ costume to the House floor to vote for Donald Trump’s first impeachment inquiry, and in 2023 she was pictured reading ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***’ during the heated speaker’s vote.

The relationship between Porter and her husband, Matthew Hoffman, has become legendary.

Porter and her ex-husband Hoffman raised their children together after filing for divorce on March 20, 2013.

As things gradually deteriorated, Porter and Hoffman sought restraining orders and accused the other of abuse. Hoffman stated that Porter had caused severe burns to his head when she accidentally dumped a bowl of hot boiling potatoes on him.

Porter has supported the family financially since 2009, while Hoffman has stayed at home to care for their children and elderly parents. Hoffman claims that Porter was prone to wrath and frequently lost her temper. She was prone to rage, would yell at him and the kids, and even scratch her own arms and then blame him.

Hoffman alleged that Porter was often calling him names, calling him stupid, and calling him incompetent.

He said she refused to give me a cell phone because she thought, in her words, he was “too f***ing dumb to operate it.”

No verified photos of Porter’s ex-husband can be found at this time.

Nonetheless, there is an abundance of anecdotes attesting to Porter’s hotheadedness and bad temper. That’s why many people on the angry political left find her so lovable.