Sheriff Praises Man Who Shot Robbery Suspect 8 Times

A Florida sheriff commended a Georgia convenience store employee for shooting a fugitive who was on the run after robbing a gas station in Palm Coast, Florida, the Daytona Beach News-Journal reported.

Last Friday, Qwinntavus Kwame Jordan robbed the Palm Coast Circle K gas station, making off with $90 and other items before heading north on I-95.

Using “investigative means,” deputies with the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office were able to follow where the suspect was headed. Jordan was then located by the Sheriff’s Office in St. Johns County at which time his vehicle was pursued on I-95 by officers from the Florida Highway Patrol and Sheriff’s deputies from St. Johns, Jacksonville, and Nassau Counties until Jordan crossed the state line into Georgia.

Once in Georgia, deputies from the Camden County Sheriff’s Office took over the pursuit while Kingland Police placed “stop sticks” on I-95 which stopped the vehicle, forcing Jordan to flee on foot.

Brandishing a firearm, Jordan entered a convenience store and demanded the keys to the clerk’s vehicle. With the keys in hand, Jordan attempted to make his escape in the clerk’s car but crashed it into the front of the convenience store.

Jordan climbed out of the vehicle and was chased through the store by a customer and the clerk who was now armed with a weapon.

According to Georgia authorities, the clerk shot Jordan “approximately eight times.” Jordan was then taken into custody and transported to a hospital where he was listed in critical condition.

At the time of the Circle K robbery, Jordan was wanted on an April 27 warrant in Coffee County, Georgia in connection to an armed robbery. Law enforcement did not know why Jordan was in Flagler County, Florida.

Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly praised his team’s fast action and thanked the other law enforcement agencies that helped in apprehending Jordan. He also commended the convenience store clerk in Georgia who “put a swift end to this dirtbag’s crime spree.”

Sheriff Staly said if Jordan survives his wounds, he would be spending “a long time in prison.”