Professor Surrenders To Police After Threatening Reporter

A SUNY professor from Hunter College named Shellyne Rodriguez turned herself into the police on Thursday morning. This was after she showed a machete to a New York Post reporter who had come to her house to ask for a comment about a video. In the video, Rodriguez was seen harassing students who were pro-life.

Rodriguez confronted a group of university students on campus in early May. The students had set up a table with pro-life pamphlets. Rodriguez berated them for “triggering my students.”

She said the group was not “educating anything.” 

The student apologized for the alleged offense, and Rodriguez responded, “No, you’re not! Because you cannot even have a baby. So you don’t even know what that is…”

Rodriguez cursed them out and flung the group’s literature off the table.

On Tuesday, Rodriguez, 45, surrendered to the 43rd Precinct in the Bronx. A video surfaced showing her holding a machete to the throat of Reuven Fenton, a reporter for the New York Post. According to an NYPD spokesman, the woman faces menacing charges and harassment.

Fenton went to Rodriguez’s apartment in the Bronx to inquire about a recent campus controversy where she dismantled a table display arranged by pro-life students. Upon opening the door, Rodriguez wielded a machete and pursued Fenton out of the building.

She said to get away from her door, or she would use the machete on her. Rodriguez yelled and then pursued Fenton outside.

Rodriguez was shouting at Fenton and a videographer from the Post while still holding the weapon. Rodriguez was removed from her post at Hunter College later that day.

According to Vince DiMiceli, the associate vice president of communications at Hunter College, Rodriguez has been fired and will no longer teach at the school.

Hunter’s pro-abortion student group came to Rodriguez’s defense with an absurd statement.

According to a statement co-signed by the Palestine Solidarity Alliance, Shellyne Rodriguez, an adjunct educator at Hunter College, provided “constructive criticism” and eventually “took down items” from the table.

The groups stated that they believe the actions taken to shut down the tabling were justified and aligned with CUNY’s history of confronting groups that spread false information, such as military recruiters.