Pence Launches Massive Effort For Conservative Values

Mike Pence, the former Vice President, has a $20 million plan to establish an organization that upholds the idea that conservatism transcends any single moment, election, or individual.

During his time as a presidential candidate, Pence included this in his platform as he cautioned against unprincipled populism. Although it was not a political winner, his group, Advancing American Freedom (AFF), continues its mission as it introduces the American Solutions Project.

Pence is expanding his team, recruiting new employees, and adding individuals well-known in the conservative movement to achieve this goal. Ed Feulner, who founded and served as president of the Heritage Foundation, is set to join the AAF board. Victor Smith, who serves as chairman of Catholic University’s board of trustees, and Art Pope, a retail magnate from North Carolina, will be included.

Without singling out anyone, the former vice president stated that many in the conservative movement have strayed from these principles, following the allure of populism detached from conservative values. Pence’s organization, he says, will hold high the principles and stay true to the ideals that have made America the greatest nation on earth. He believes the American people will rally to their cause.

Pence aims to uphold conservatism, defined by his group as based on limited government principles, in opposition to the populist right and progressive left.

Politicians often establish organizations and nonprofits after leaving office. Pence is not only contributing to the growing number of conservative groups with his group. He presents a solution to the ongoing Republican identity crisis, even as former President Trump continues to reshape the GOP in his likeness.

On the eve of the South Carolina primary, news of the project emerges as Trump nears a third GOP nomination. The group strategically launched its campaign during the same week as the Conservative Political Action Conference, the annual event in Washington, D.C., known for attracting passionate supporters of the former president.