North Korea Severs All Ties With South Korea

Reports show North Korea’s leadership has announced that it is cutting all connections with South Korea and terminating all initiatives that try to bring the two Koreas together or foster cooperation between them.

North Korea’s supreme leader, Kim Jong Un, accused South Korea and the United States of military aggression and declared that he had ordered the end of all diplomacy and solidarity activities with the nation.

While the Supreme People’s Assembly is debating the DPRK’s legislation, they have taken a new stance on north-south ties and reunification policy and destroyed all the institutions we had set up to promote peaceful reunification.

A report shows that Kim warned there would be a war over the smallest violation of international borders.  He claimed that now that the southern border has been demarcated, he will not abide by the illegitimate “northern limit line” or any other boundary. They will regard any South Korean incursion into his territory, whether on land, in the air, or the ocean, to be an act of war provocation.

The top leader proposed changing the constitution to name South Korea as the nation’s unchangeable main opponent to get to the next level.

According to a North Korean state document, in the event of a conflict on the Korean peninsula, Kim said that their constitution might include language authorizing the complete occupation, subjugation, and reclamation of the Republic of Korea (ROK) and its annexation as part of his country.

Reports show that since its 1992 revision, which elevated Kim Jong Il to a position similar to that of his grandfather and the country’s founder, Kim Il Sung, the North Korean constitution underwent further revisions that have brought him closer to that deified status.

In the time after, the Kim family’s dominion was further solidified, the nation’s communist ideology was reinterpreted, and the country’s militaristic development was codified as a national virtue in the constitution.

The accepted versions of the Constitution undergoing many revisions were so drastically changed from one another that they could as well have been original texts.