MSNBC Host Exposes Weak Trump Verdict

Katy Tur, a host on MSNBC, stunned the guests on her program recently by asking them whether or not former President Donald Trump was given a fair deal in New York after a court in New York compelled Trump to hand over $355 million last Friday.

After interest is deducted, the total penalty comes to almost $450 million. Letitia James, the Democrat attorney general of New York, who ran on a platform of attacking Trump, praised the judge’s unusual and contentious sentence.

Tur used an article that detailed the case’s uniqueness and how New York’s handling of Trump differs from other instances to frame her inquiry. She detailed that looking at cases handled under this rule going back over seventy years, they found around 150.  Trump’s case takes advantage of New York Civil Practice Law 6312, which is applicable even without proof of actual damage. That is not an obligation. Proving that your actions caused harm to somebody is not necessary. You have directly cheated no one. Consequently, the bar is set at harm shown, but historically, it was utilized solely to prohibit a person from conducting business when actual injury has been shown.

In this context, Tur questioned if it is fair to attack Donald Trump in this way.

The MSNBC panel was taken aback by Tur’s audacious inquiry.

Reports show investor Kevin O’Leary criticized the New York Judge’s decision to fine Donald Trump $355 million, calling it unjust and un-American. He warned about the long-term impact on American business and the country’s well-being. He urged for a review, appeal, and overturning of the ruling. If the decision remains unchanged, all developers could be shut down, as treating each other this way is unacceptable. He said it was not just about Trump.

O’Leary called New York a “loser state” because of the verdict and said that companies would leave if the result stood. Furthermore, he has recently indicated that he will not invest in the Big Apple.