Kari Lake Could Win U.S. Senate Race, Poll Shows

(JustPatriots.com)- According to reports, there is some good news for Republican Kari Lake, even though her campaign for governor of Arizona was unsuccessful. According to a recent poll, Lake is still well-liked and has a good chance of becoming its next senator.

An early poll at the 2024 U.S. Senate race in Arizona found that Lake is in the lead in what is likely to be a three-way race, despite Lake continuing to pursue her legal battle regarding the November governor’s election.

According to the poll, in a three-way Senate race with Gallego and Sinema, Kari Lake is polling at 36%. The incumbent polls less than 14%, while the congressman comes in close behind at 32%. Six percent of voters are unsure.

Lake filed two appeals concerning a lawsuit contesting her defeat in the November Arizona governor’s race. Lake also submitted a motion to have the Arizona Supreme Court hear her case, but it was turned down.

According to media reports, Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson rejected Lake’s appeal after concluding that the court had not been given clear and convincing evidence regarding the widespread misconduct that Lake claimed had an impact on the election results.

In its ruling, the Arizona Supreme Court stated that no good cause appears to transfer the matter to the court.

Lake updated followers on Twitter, stating that her court case will be going before the Appeals Court prior to the Arizona Supreme Court because it’s already been scheduled for review. Lake has no doubt that they will eventually handle the case.

Lake requests that the Arizona Court of Appeals review all ten counts of a lawsuit that Judge Peter Thompson of the Maricopa County Superior Court dismissed. Lake also requests that the appeals court vacate the judgment ordering her to pay Hobbs $33,000 in legal fees.

Judge Peter Thompson turned down Hobbs’ request for punishment against Lake.

Judge Thompson claimed that Lake’s team had not offered proof that voters had been turned away or denied ballots on election day.

Ridiculous. There were thousands of affidavits and news reports proving so.