Kaitlan Collins To Be Moved To Prime Time

A report shows that Kaitlan Collins, fresh off her contentious stint hosting a town hall with former President Donald Trump, was selected as the next anchor of CNN’s 9 p.m. hour beginning in June by CEO Chris Licht.

Collins, who has presented CNN This Morning since last November, was formally promoted to prime time by Licht before WarnerBros. Discovery Upfront’s presentation.

In his note to employees, Licht expressed his excitement about the prospect of announcing Kaitlan Collins as the host of our 9 p.m. hour at the upcoming Warner Bros. Discovery Upfront event. 

Licht stated that the 31-year-old Collins’ career began as a writer for the Daily Caller. The promotion marks the capper to a spectacular rise. After working for the conservative website, she began covering the Trump administration before being recruited by CNN. After that, Licht promoted her to co-host the redesigned morning program with Poppy Harlow and Don Lemon. 

Collins previously served as a White House reporter for the Daily Caller.

After last Wednesday night’s town hall with former President Donald Trump, Megyn Kelly remarked on an edition of her SiriusXM podcast, “The Megyn Kelly Show,” that CNN’s Kaitlan Collins was not equipped to handle Trump and that the event quickly spiraled out of control and degenerated into a train wreck.

Kelly stated sarcastically, “Congrats, CNN,” and went on to say that the network had achieved great success by allowing Trump more than an hour unchallenged to make his point.

A report said that Kelly also criticized Collins for questioning Trump on issues she said were of interest to “only liberals.”  She was perplexed by the lack of inquiries about the financial crisis and inflation.   

Collins and CNN came under fire from insiders and outsiders in the liberal media, including MSNBC commentators and others.