Greg Gutfeld Becomes The New Ratings King At Fox News

( Greg Gutfeld became the new “Ratings King” at Fox News after he took the 11 p.m. slot Monday through Friday a couple of years ago. “Gutfeld!” came in third place behind Tucker Carlson and “The Five,” doing well with the key 25-54 age demographic, according to Mediaite.

He topped the other cable news shows with 322,000 viewers. While the show came in 7th place with total viewers, Gutfeld did better than all shows on MSNBC and CNN, enjoying 1.88 million total viewers.

Fox News is currently doing better than both CNN and MSNBC on nearly every metric with daily averages. The cable news network enjoys 1.67 million viewers, compared to CNN’s 497,000 and MSNBC’s 873,000. Viewers in the key demographic are at 212,000 for Fox, 94,000 for CNN, and 104,000 for MSNBC.

For prime-time averages, Fox News consistently does better, with 2.55 million compared to CNN’s 569,000 and MSNBC’s 1.27 million. During this time, the key demographic for Fox is at 307,000 viewers compared to CNN’s 121,000 and MSNBC’s 154,000.

Looking at CNN, the outlet has experienced major changes over the last year after the network was in a free fall following the failure of its streaming service CNN+.

Since moving to liberal news outlet, the ratings of former Fox News host Chris Wallace began falling through the floor. His prime-time show, “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?” which began in the spring of 2022, saw its worst ratings since its launch, according to The Washington Examiner.

In January, the host’s show reportedly averaged just 365,000 viewers, but only 48,000 of them were in the 25 to 54-year-old demographic, according to Nielsen data. At the end of the month, the show, which was also recently renewed for another season, did worse, averaging 323,000 viewers and 38,000 in the young demographic.

To deal with the failing ratings, CEO Chris Licht allegedly vowed to bring the outlet more toward the political center again, adding that he will fire anyone who cannot change their partisan tone.