GOP Senator Calls Out Democrats’ Cynical Border Use

Tennessee Republican Sen. Bill Hagerty has spoken out against the horrifying situation at the southern border, calling it an epic disaster caused by unprecedented numbers of illegal aliens crossing the border. Democrats, he claims, are allowing this to continue so they may seize power and sway elections. It was brought to light by Hagerty’s trip to the Texas border with sheriffs and mayors from Tennessee how dire the situation was.

Officials from Tennessee and Senator Hagerty reviewed their recent visit to the southern border, where they saw the situation that President Biden and his cabinet had caused and how it affected the Volunteer State.

More than eight million individuals have crossed the southern border illegally since Biden took office. Tragically, American communities are being affected by drug and human trafficking that is fueled by the border. Overdoses from drugs are at an all-time high, with over 100,000 Americans dying each year from fentanyl that is coming across the border.

Hagerty has visited the border crossings in San Ysidro, California, Arizona, and Texas. They are catastrophic.

Hagerty visited Eagle Pass, a border town struck particularly hard and has become ground zero in the border security dispute between Biden’s administration and Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

One account that Hagerty relayed was that of a rancher who, upon waking up one night, saw two dozen men of military age eating out of his refrigerator. The rancher had seen the devastation unfold before his eyes every day.  This is not something Americans should have to put up with.

Abbott has constructed a wall along the border, taken over a vital park in Eagle Pass, and is now engaged in a multi-front legal battle with the federal government over the border situation.  Hagerty lauded his efforts.

He speculated that the recent clearing of Shelby Park is to blame for the uptick in activity in San Diego.

The administration’s actions, according to Hagerty and other Republican congressmen, are responsible for the unprecedented migrant crisis, which witnessed record contacts in the fiscal year 2023 with over 300,000 encounters. Joe Biden made a bold promise that he would remake America. This contributes to that metamorphosis. It’s just an attempt to get control.

Hagerty referenced the reversal of Trump-era actions that conservatives think essentially solved the migrant problem, such as the building of the border wall and the Remain-in-Mexico policy.