Congress Member’s Private Address Leaked By MSNBC

( MSNBC doxxed a congresswoman.

Rep. Angie Craig (D-MN was allegedly attacked Thursday morning at about 7:15 a.m. ET in the elevator of her apartment building, according to a statement issued on the congresswoman’s Twitter account. It was posted by Craig’s chief of staff, Nick Coe.

The statement said, “Craig defended herself against the intruder and sustained bruises, but is otherwise physically alright. She phoned 911, and her attacker ran away.”

Craig was able to flee by dumping hot coffee on her assailant.

The congresswoman requested privacy after being attacked in her apartment building’s elevator. However, by displaying a screenshot of the unredacted police report that included the congresswoman’s home location, MSNBC’s coverage of the incident seemed to unintentionally doxx her.

Coe said that the representative was “grateful to the DC Metropolitan Police Department for their rapid reaction and requests for privacy at this time,” adding that there was “no proof that the event was politically motivated.”

Thursday afternoon’s episode of Hallie Jackson Reports on MSNBC included reporting from Capitol Hill journalist Ryan Nobles and host Hallie Jackson.

Jackson read from the police report that the assailant “was behaving erratically as if he was under the influence of an unknown drug” and added, “Our team has received the police report in the past hour.”

Congresswoman Craig was attacked by a homeless man who “found his way into the elevator with her, punched her in the chin and grabbed her around the neck” before she was able to “fend him off by throwing hot coffee on him, and then he took off, got out of the elevator and ran,” according to Capitol Police.

The unredacted police report, which included Craig’s home address, was flashed on the screen for around 15 seconds while Jackson read the quotation.

According to Nobles, the police are currently looking into the incident and have searched the neighborhood for the assailant without success.