Clinton Admits Biden’s Age Is a Weakness

In a recent MSNBC interview, Hillary Clinton spoke on President Biden’s age, conceding that it presents a “legitimate issue.” Clinton, who often engages with individuals within the White House, pointed out that this concern is not unique to Biden but also pertains to former President Donald Trump, who is merely three years his junior. She stressed the importance of evaluating the candidates’ qualifications and understanding the critical issues in the election.

Clinton suggested that Biden embrace the experience and wisdom he had gained over the years, encouraging him to “kid” about his age. She believes he should highlight his political experience and the breadth of his human experience, character, and wisdom. By doing so, Biden can demonstrate the value of his long and varied career.

These comments from Clinton come amidst discussions about the White House’s confidence in President Biden after he declined a Super Bowl Sunday interview, as noted by James Carville, former President Bill Clinton’s lead strategist. Carville expressed his concern, stating that turning down such a significant opportunity could be interpreted as a lack of confidence from the staff or Biden himself.

Likewise, Paul Begala, a CNN political commentator, and former strategist for Bill Clinton a conceded that the critique of Biden’s memory by Special Counsel Robert Hur and Biden’s reaction was “terrible for Democrats.” He highlighted the potential detrimental effects of this scenario on the party and recognized the importance of cognitive awareness to grasp its consequences.

Special Counsel Robert Hur’s investigation uncovered that Biden, as a private citizen, was aware he had kept classified U.S. documents. Although the investigation did not suggest pressing charges against the president, it referenced his failing memory. It portrayed him as a well-intentioned, elderly individual, potentially offering a defense in any legal proceedings.

Overall, the concerns surrounding President Biden’s age continue to be discussed. However, it is crucial to consider the merits and experiences of the candidates and focus on the broader implications of the upcoming election. By highlighting his wisdom and embracing his age, Biden can present himself as a candidate with valuable insights and a wealth of experience to offer.