Climate News Is Quietly Being Funded By A Biased Source

Biden’s controversial energy policy and its optimistic view of “hard-hat environmentalism” is the sort of thing that would make sense coming from a White House announcement or something from the Biden campaign. But not in an Associated Press article.  And it’s not an isolated case, according to a report.

The report reveals how one study indicated that after the AP received $8 million in funds in early 2022, the words “Climate disaster” and “global warming” appeared hundreds of times in AP publications. Money will be used as part of the AP’s “Climate Journalism Initiative.”

The Associated Press “hard-hat” phrase will be featured in countless newspapers throughout the globe. To be clear, we have no idea whether the millions the AP gained for climate coverage had any effect on Biden’s rebranding of his energy program.

According to a report, in his remarks to MRC Business, Climate Depot CEO Marc Morano criticized AP’s brazen alliance with left-wing organizations.

Marc Morano, the publisher of Climate Depot, has written many books about weather, green living, and power. He started CFACT’s award-winning news and information service in 2009 and now serves as its executive editor and lead reporter.

Morano explained that the media is not only ideologically melded to the environmental goals of our government, academia, and international organizations but is also being paid to propagate climate fear. Millions in ‘philanthropic gifts’ have allowed AP to abandon journalistic objectivity and balance completely. 

A report revealed that newspapers are in trouble all around the nation, but especially in more remote locations. In many smaller newspapers, one person now handles the duties of several individuals who used to work there full-time. The environmental left has taken note of this difficulty, and it is currently funding and retraining journalists to provide its own interpretation of the news. Therefore the Associated Press and other business media practice paid journalism. There is no duty on the part of the media to act as watchdogs.