Biden Compares Kitchen Fire To Maui… Again

President Joe Biden has likened the destruction caused by a natural catastrophe to when his home was hit by lightning twice in less than two weeks. Biden made these remarks in light of the devastation caused by Hurricane Idalia and the fires in Hawaii.

On Wednesday, Biden stated from the White House, “I didn’t experience anything like that, but lightning struck my home.” “There was so much damage to the home that we had to move out for nearly seven months while it was restored.”

For emphasis, he added, “Half the house nearly collapsed.”

The truth is that in 2004, there was a little fire in the kitchen. The AP’s coverage said a lightning bolt ignited a kitchen fire at Senator Joseph Biden’s house.

A fire that broke out on Sunday during a storm brought significant flooding to Pennsylvania and knocked out power to hundreds of Delaware homes and businesses, causing no injuries.

Fire Chief George Lamborn of the Cranston Heights Fire Department said the blaze was under control 20 minutes after it started.

Biden’s statements while in Hawaii were much more offensive than those he made on Wednesday.

As he played up his tiny house fire, Biden said he didn’t want to downplay the hardships of the Hawaiian people by comparing them to his, adding that he and Jill know a little bit about what it’s like to lose a house.

The cringe-worthy Biden then drew an equivalency between his inconvenience with death and destruction— ‘About fifteen years ago,’ he droned, “lightning struck on a tiny lake outside our house. And it came up through the ducts beneath our home for heating and air conditioning after hitting a wire.

He laughed as he said, “To make a long tale short, I nearly lost my wife, my ’67 Corvette, and my cat.”

Those words were said after homes and businesses had been devastated by a fire made worse by government ineptitude.

Even after being caught several times telling the same lie, the guy lies in public.