Ben Shaprio Says Trump’s Ohio Visit Was “Out Of The Park” Good 

( While talking to Megyn Kelly on Sirius XM’s Wednesday, Ben Shapiro said that former President Trump had tried to recapture some of his 2016 success with a visit to East Palestine, Ohio. 

According to the co-founder of The Daily Wire, Trump’s visit to the little town, which is hurting from an environmental calamity caused by a railway wreck on February 3, not only upstaged the Biden administration but revitalized Trump’s sagging 2024 presidential campaign. Trump arrived with trucks full of aid, autographed some MAGA caps, and fed first responders Big Macs at the local McDonald’s. 

Shapiro feels that this was a political win for Trump. Using a sports metaphor, he said it was a bit of a softball, but you still need to be able to make contact, and he feels Trump hit a home run, clear “out of the park.” 

According to Shapiro, this was the high point of Trump’s 2024 campaign, as it seemed like he was running out of steam. Donald Trump’s strategic move to visit East Palestine was spot on. He demonstrated how simple it is to see a region hit by a disaster and provide aid or express condolences to the locals while the president was absent. 

He looked like a leader while the country was leaderless. 

President Biden was off to a foreign nation handing over billions of dollars while Americans struggled with a catastrophic environmental disaster that could have severe ramifications for decades. 

Pete Buttigieg, secretary of the Department of Transportation, didn’t visit East Palestine until Thursday, a day after Trump’s arrival. 

Trump forced the hands of Buttigieg and Biden, compelling them to follow so as not to appear weak. 

The locals hailed Trump as a hero, and the trip was the perfect contrast between himself and the Biden administration. 

Shapiro said it’s the first time he’s seen Trump behave as he did in 2016. He went there doing all the Trumpy things the media despise but are nice.  

According to Shapiro, Trump started a rocky start with a lackluster address to a small crowd at Mar-a-Lago in November when he declared his 2024 candidacy. Yet, it’s possible that his recent East Palestine performance brought back some of the attention that helped him become popular in the first place.