Alan Dershowitz Says Trump Charges Aren’t Even Real 

( Lawyer Alan Dershowitz said in a recent interview that in his pursuit of former President Donald Trump, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is creating a “crime that doesn’t exist.” 

While appearing on Breitbart News Sunday with Joel Pollack, Dershowitz discussed the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office’s ongoing grand jury probe into the so-called hush money payment to Stormy Daniels. 

Dershowitz suggested that while Bragg may indict the former president, in the end, he will probably lose the case. However, Dershowitz said winning the case doesn’t matter to Bragg. Instead, Bragg will get the “perp walk” on TV which will help him get reelected. 

Dershowitz added that what Bragg did was “rummage” through statutes and regulations to find a creative way to blend a “New York misdemeanor” with a federal felony to “create out of whole cloth a crime that doesn’t exist.” 

Regardless, Dershowitz believes that Donald Trump may be indicted and Bragg may even get a conviction. But any conviction in the case will likely be “reversed on appeal,” Dershowitz added. 

Dershowitz also described the former president’s legal woes as a weaponization of the legal system. 

Last Wednesday’s grand jury session was postponed until Thursday. However, on Thursday the grand jury focused on “other matters,” according to the Associated Press. 

Over the weekend, it was reported that additional witness testimony was expected on Monday. 

While appearing at a campaign rally in Waco, Texas on Saturday, former President Trump devoted much of his speech to the multiple investigations he is facing, calling them witch hunts and “phony.” 

Echoing Dershowitz, Trump described his legal troubles as “the weaponization of our justice system,” which he said was the “central issue of our time.” 

In a Friday Truth Social post, Trump warned of “death and destruction” if he faces charges. 

That same day, it was reported that the FBI and NYPD were investigating an envelope containing white powder that was mailed to Alvin Bragg along with a death threat. The powder was not hazardous.