Youngkin Claims Biden Is Legitimate President

Virginia Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin had some harsh words for President Joe Biden last weekend, saying that the president’s domestic and foreign policy agendas have “projected weakness” on the world stage, The Hill reported.

In an interview on ABC’s “This Week,” host George Stephanopoulos asked Youngkin the same question he had put to Louisiana Republican Rep. Steve Scalise earlier in the program, namely if he believed the 2020 election was stolen.

Youngkin said he has been consistent in saying that Biden was “legitimately elected president” since he is the man “sleeping in the White House.” However, Youngkin added that he wished Biden wasn’t the president.

The popular Virginia governor noted the current chaos happening both at home and abroad and said it was a projection of Joe Biden’s weakness.

He said Biden’s foreign policy has caused chaos in “multiple spots,” including Ukraine, Israel, and China. Biden’s weakness has also resulted in US funding going to “bad adversaries” like Iran.

Youngkin then called out the president’s “weakness at our border,” which he said has turned every state in the nation “into a border state” while allowing the “free flow of illegal drugs and crime” to invade “everywhere.” He said on average, five people in his state die from fentanyl overdoses every day.

Hammering Biden on the economy, Youngkin said not only is the chaos Biden caused to the US economy hurting Americans, but it is also projecting weakness “around the world.”

So while Youngkin believes Biden is legitimately elected, “I wish he wasn’t our president.”

He told Stephanopoulos that the country “can’t afford” for Joe Biden to “be our president again.” He noted that people in his state continue to express frustration with Biden’s failures, including inflation, education, and public safety.