Secretary Of Air Force Sounds Warning On China

Frank Kendall, the secretary of the Air Force, has warned that China is strengthening its military in preparation for a fight with the United States. He stressed the need to increase U.S. military might to counteract this emerging threat.

Kendall warned that the United States must be ready for a new battle at the National Harbor, Maryland Air and Space Forces Association Warfighter Symposium. But he stressed that war is not necessary.

According to Kendall, it is our responsibility to prevent and be prepared to win such a conflict. Everyone agrees that the Air and Space Forces need to evolve since standing still might lead to the country’s incapacity to avoid conflict or loss.

China has developed a new military branch to counter aircraft carriers, airfields, and essential assets. China has established a niche military force that provides strategic support services to achieve information supremacy in space and the cyber domains.

According to the Air Force secretary, China has spent over 20 years retooling its armed forces to better compete with big powers like the United States and ultimately defeat it in the Western Pacific.

Increasing tensions over Taiwan, which Beijing traditionally included as part of the mainland, have strained ties between the United States and China.

President Biden has said repeatedly that the United States will send soldiers to help defend the island if necessary after U.S. concerns that Chinese President Xi Jinping would use force to seize control of the island. Washington casually keeps in touch with Taiwan and has given the island country cutting-edge weapons.

While the Air Force and Space Force are already formidable, Kendall said that the department should be reformed to better project strength and compete with other major nations.

He warned that the form of conflict we should be best prepared for is not the one on which we have been concentrating for many years if we want to maximize our preparedness to prevent or react to the pace challenge.

There is a risk of conflict with China if our ability to project strength is inadequate to prevent Chinese aggression against Taiwan or elsewhere. If it occurs, and we cannot control the disaster, the aftermath may be devastating.