RFK Jr. Issues Warning On Free Speech After Censorship Threat

Democracy is once again on everyone’s minds after Robert Kennedy Jr. issued a warning that government censorship could be the end of it, according to Fox News. During an exclusive interview with the outlet’s Maria Bartiromo last week, Kennedy described free speech as the “cornerstone of democracy.” 

He recalled the pattern of history, saying that whenever a centralizing power makes efforts to censor speech, they are often the enemies. He added that the government “abuses every power that it’s given.” 

His comment comes after Kennedy confronted Democrats during a hearing on the government’s censorship. Kennedy had previously made a controversial observation that the CCP sickness was “ethnically targeted” because Jews and Chinese people were not affected in the same way as everyone else. 

The 2024 Democratic presidential candidate had clarified his remarks, saying that he is not suggesting the sickness was engineered to only target some people over others, but rather some studies show its racial and ethnic impact. This remark is not out of touch with what Democrats have previously said in the past. One popular Democratic talking point was that “black and brown people” continue to be disproportionately affected, as reported by CNN.  

Kennedy lambasted his critics, saying that freedom of speech should be important to both sides of the political aisle, and invoked the freedom of expression that his uncle, John F. Kennedy, fought for. Nevertheless, Kennedy has not been popular with members of his party given his views on a variety of topics. 

But Kennedy might have a chance with some voters as he trails behind President Biden with 17 percent popularity. A new CNN poll has Biden underwater. Around 7 in 10 potential voters say that Biden is not paying attention to the most important issues. While his approval is at 38 percent, his disapproval rating stands at 62 percent.