Prominent Doctor’s Bank Account Terminated With No Explanation

According to a report, JPMorgan Chase recently closed the personal and corporate bank accounts of a famous doctor who was a vocal opponent of the COVID vaccinations.

Last Tuesday,  Dr. Joseph Mercola announced through Twitter that his bank accounts had been stopped without explanation.

Mercola said that Chase Bank had frozen the personal and commercial bank accounts of both his CFO and CEO, together with their spouses and children. The oldest account is 18 years old, and they still won’t explain why they’re doing this. 

Reports show personal accounts belonging to CEO Steven A. Rye, his wife, and CFO Amy Legaspi, all associated with the doctor’s Florida-based retail health firm Mercola Market, were also frozen.

According to Legaspi, Chase warned her son, who is now an adult, that his accounts may be closed. According to a press release sent to the media, the CFO said she was shocked by the news and had no clue why her private accounts had been frozen.

On July 13, Chase allegedly informed Mercola Market through letters that it had til the tenth of September to close its accounts. Rye and Legaspi received instructions to close their account by August 11.

Rye claims that a Chase employee said they have been told that, for legal reasons, they cannot inform him why they decided to close the accounts. According to Rye, Chase told him his kids would not be able to create accounts in the future.

Rye said that he believes their accounts were closed in response to Dr. Mercola’s opinions.

According to a report, The Bahnsen Group’s founder and managing partner, David Bahnsen, submitted a resolution to shareholders in April asking JPMorgan Chase to examine its discrimination policy on religious and political views. The resolution was made in reaction to articles that claimed the corporation closed Christian and conservative consumers’ accounts. 

Bahnsen explained in an article that militant demands for greater inclusion and diversity in corporate America’s boardrooms and workforce have been a constant source of power for left-wing activists. Companies are being diverted from their primary goals of making profits for investors and providing superior goods and services to their consumers because of activist pressure.